Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)

Did you know, there is a Federal program offering student loan forgiveness for nonprofit employees?  While some educators may benefit from Teacher Loan Forgiveness, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) is for any full-time staff member.  The loan forgiveness amount is individually determined and tax-free.
We have partnered with our local education service agency, Wayne RESA, to provide information and expertise on this program.  Innovative Student Loan Solutions*  is our trusted advisory service to provide education about this program. We encourage all full-time employees with federal student loan obligations to learn more about this voluntary benefit, and find out if PSLF makes sense for you.

It’s quick and easy to find out if you’re eligible. Click Here and enter Registration Code: wayne Answer a few simple questions, find out your potential savings instantly, and schedule your no-obligation telephone consultation with an Advisor today.

You should consider the program if you have federal student loans, including Parent Plus Loans, and would like to:
•    Immediately lower your monthly student loan payment
•    Reduce your student loan obligation.
•    Significantly reduce your cost of earning additional degrees
•    Receive a personalized 10-year loan forgiveness plan outlining your savings

Join your colleagues who are reducing their standard repayments by an average of 85% and looking forward to $55,539 in tax-free student loan forgiveness.
Innovative Student Loan Solutions knows there are other companies advertising in the student loan space making claims that sound similar, most of them are only selling loan consolidations.  Remember, they do not charge any fees up front, fully educate you about all available options, and provide a ten year individualized plan before you decide to hire them.  Please, do not move forward and consolidate your loans until you have spoken with them first.  Consolidating loans could make you ineligible for student loan forgiveness.

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If you have any questions please call 1.866.831.5564, email or visit their website at

*Innovative Student Loan Solutions is a BBB A+ Rated organization that has partnered with 1700 school districts, hospitals, social service agencies and helped thousands of individuals across the U.S. maximize the under-utilized Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. After reviewing your plan, if you choose to have ISLS enroll you in the program, there will be a one-time strategy and implementation fee for this service.

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