Important Forms and Links



General  Forms Hiring Forms (Administrators)

Change of Phone Number and Address Form

DFT 2018-19 Transfer Form **Due April 1st, 2019**   (Please read Policies if your are submitting the Transfer Form)

Shared Time Program for Fall 2019- Bulletin, Article, and Form (Completed Form should be returned to HR by 4:00 p.m. on  2/1/2019)

Special Area Teacher Stipend Form (Updated 3/10/2018)

Partial Tuition Reimbursement-SE

Tuition Reimbursement and Inservice Credit Program

Work Rules-Non Instructional Staff

Department Chair Form

Exit Interview Survey for Employees that have resigned, retired, or separated from the district.  updated 10/11/13

Long Term Disability Forms

I-Chat Form – Volunteers – UPDATED 9/24/13

DFT Central Sick Leave Bank Application

DFSE Sick Bank Application


DFT – Electronic Instructional Requisition Form  (2018-19 School Year)
***UPDATED 4/13/2018***

DFT-Electronic New Hire Recommendation Form  (2018-19 School Year)
***UPDATED 4/13/2018***

DFT-Electronic Reassignment Form  (2018-19 School Year)***UPDATED 5/17/2018***


DFSE- Non-Instructional Electronic Requisition Form ***Updated 9/1/2017***

DFSE-Non-Instructional Electronic Recommendation Form ***Updated 9/1/2017***


Non-Classified/NI Staff (Green Sheet)

Green Sheet /Electronic Non Classified/NI Requisition Form ***Updated 8/29/2017***

Green Sheet/Electronic Non Classified/NI Recommendation Form ***Updated 8/29/2017***



Electronic Adult Education Requisition Form 

Electronic Adult Education Recommendation Form

Admin Hiring Process

New Hire Interview Procedures and Candidate Notification 082711-updated jan 2014

Temporary employment recommendation form

Absence Forms Communication Forms (Administrators)

ADSA Relief Day Request Form


Sub Code Form

Substitute Injury Report-EduStaff

Substitute Authorization Form-EduStaff

EduStaff Employees Feedback (TO BE FILLED OUT BY ADMIN ONLY)

Create an Absence as a Multi-School Employee (Video)  AESOP Substitute Request

Directions for AESOP Calling-

 Federal Highly Qualified Teacher Compliance Plan

Title One Letter Template Regarding a Teacher Who is not HQT

Extra Pay Assignments Job Descriptions
Schedule C- Extra Pay Assignments Job Descriptions

Informational Links

Teachers Useful Links General Services  Links

 Teachscape Training Site

Teaching Certificate Renewal Process – MOECS

HIghly Qualified Teacher Information.

 Click Here to view the michigan site that has a booklet on facts for certificate renewal., –  MDE Teacher and Professional Certification

MDE click her to search for teachers and their certificates. This is the MDE database. 

Click Here to view sample lesson plans (Link)

Link to the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness (MCEE).

MCL-380-1249– Teacher and Administrator State Legislation Link

Dearborn Federation of Teachers Contract 2013-1  Office of Retirement Services

Link to Payroll and Benefits Department Website in Dearborn

Employee Assistance Plan–Reliance Standard Flier

DFT Health Insurance Welcome Letter

Health Insurance Coverage Exchange Notice -7/31/2014

Link to Business Services Forms (mileage, conference etc.)

District Policies and Procedures

Saving for Retirement (July 2014)

ORS Beneficiary Nomination 

School Safety Legislation Summary

Mandated Reporters’ Resource Guide–DHS Pub 112 (Rev. 2-13)




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