Wayne State Doctor of Ed Leadership Announcement

A new Doctor of Education (Ed D) Cohort in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, with a focus on K–12 education, is planned for Winter 2018.  A cohort provides the opportunity for a group of students to work together in a collaborative environment, build relationships and develop professional networks. The program will take place on the WSU Main Campus in Detroit.


There will be an informational Webinar online Wednesday, September 27th at 4:00 pm that will describe the program and offer an opportunity to ask questions about the program.  RSVP at the following and a link to the webinar will be provided.


If you have any questions, please email Carla Harting at ae2562@wayne.edu or call  at 313-577-1675 (work) or734-497-4443 (cell).




Educator Effectiveness Appeals Window

Good Afternoon,
We received an announcement last week that the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) has opened a window between September 1, 2017 through December 1, 2017 to make corrections to evaluation submitted incorrectly.
Please check your evaluation ratings online on the MOECS site and make sure that we have the correct ratings for you.
If your evaluation rating is correct, you do not need to do anything.
If your evaluation rating is incorrect, please email me the school year, the incorrect rating, and the actual rating for that school year. I will confirm, change on the website, and send you an email to confirm that it is completed.
Please remember that we will be unable to make any corrections after the window closes.
Thank you,
Nada Alamaddine

Degree Lane Changes & Extra Pay Stipend Schedule & Other

Degree Lane Changes 
Degree lane changes submitted to HR between March 2, 2017 by October 1, 2017 will be paid retroactively on October 27, 2017.   Degree lane changes submitted to HR between October 2, 2017 and March 1, 2018 will be paid retroactively on March 16, 2018.  
Extra Pay Stipend Payment Schedule – Letter Of Agreement

The Dearborn Board of Education (hereinafter referred to as the Board), and the Dearborn Federation of Teachers (hereinafter referred to as the Union), whereas the above mentioned parties agree as follows:

To increase accuracy and reduce the processing errors due to changes in staff assignments, non-athletic extra pay assignment stipends will be paid twice each year in January and June.

Since payments are generated via an auto-pay system frequent errors occurred.  Following are examples of errors that have resulted in teachers not receiving the stipend and/or teachers being required to repay the District after being paid inaccurately.    

  • Teachers assigned to an extra pay position and going on FMLA or becoming an administrative intern. Schools submit this information to HR in the beginning of the year.  However, HR does not always receive updated information as extra pay assignments unexpectedly change.

  • Teachers and administrators have verbal agreements to split an assignment, but this isn’t reflected on the stipend sheet submitted to HR.  

This agreement will apply until the expiration of the 2013-18 contract.  

Middle School Faculty Managers

Athletic Directors at middle schools were an optional extra pay assignment during the 2016-17 school year. This option has been eliminated and replaced with a Faculty Manager, which is not an extra pay assignment option. Principals should give their staff an opportunity to apply directly to them. If positions are not filled by a building staff member, the position will be posted to the DFT via HR. See below for a description of the Faculty Manager position. Please note other additional extra pay assignments have been added to the DFT (7th grade volleyball, 7th grade boys basketball, & 7th grade girls basketball).
Middle School Activity Manager – $1,600 Stipend – Job Requirements
  1. Responsible for set-up and take-down of all home athletic events.  This includes entrance and exit of teams and officials.

  2. Required to attend any event that is played at high school facilities.  While there, serve as game manager, and facility supervisor.

  3. Required to attend all city meets.

  4. Communicate with the principal regarding any issues related to game management.

  5. Communicate any referee/official concerns by email to the District Athletic Director.

  6. This assignment and the stipend amount can be split between multiple staff members at the discretion of the principal.

  7. Other non-athletic activity assignment may be requested at the principal’s discretion.

 Principals:  HR will be sending you the extra pay assignment sheets in the next week or two.  

Memos Regarding Wages for Dearborn Public Schools Employees


Please click on the links below to view the Memos sent out by Ms. Maysam Alie-Bazzi, Executive Director, Human Resources and Student Services regarding the wages for all Dearborn Public Schools employees for the 2017-18 school year.





Memo Regarding Wages Increase -Non-Union / Salaried



Mandatory Reading for Professional Certification

Greetings Wayne County Teachers,

Madonna University is currently offering Mandatory Reading for Professional Certification to Wayne County teachers at a discounted rate.

All inquiries should be directed to Janice Centers at jcenters@madonna.edu before the registration deadline (see attached).

Information Flyer

Application for RDG 5510 ONCAMPUS

Application for RDG 5520 ONCAMPUS

ONCAMPUS Registration Form

Attendance Incentive 2017-18 for Salaried and Hourly Employees

Employee Merit/ Attendance Bonus Pay for 2017-18 School year

 The Dearborn School Board will be providing an attendance incentive and merit pay bonus for all employees who have been employed from July 1, 2017 through June 14, 2018. Please be aware that this extra incentive money is a positive program that the district has created in order to reward employees who save the district money through reduction in paid substitutes and who demonstrate a commitment to the students by maintaining excellent attendance. This money is above and beyond any contract compensation rates. All union heads were consulted and were provided with an opportunity to give input regarding this incentive program.

 For 2017-18, the maximum bonus available will double to $1,200.  The time of measurement will expand to encourage attendance for 12 month employees through the summer months.  The district is allowing the use of up to 2 personal business days and 1 funeral day that will not be counted against the incentive.  Employees hired during the school year will be eligible for the incentive but at a reduced rate to account for their partial year employment.

Click here to view 2017-18 Attendance Incentive-Salaried Employees Document

Click here to view 2017-18 Attendance Incentive-Hourly Employees

Elementary Math Specialist Certificate at Wayne State

Math specialists are needed in Michigan schools!

You can contribute valuable knowledge skills for improving mathematics teaching and learning in Michigan schools by earning an Elementary Math Specialist certificate. Wayne State University is the only institution in Michigan offering this program.

 For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Lewis, jmlewis@wayne.edu

Elementary Math Specialist, Introductory Certificate

Required Courses: Take BOTH

MAE 6400 Elementary School: Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment.

MAE 6150: Special topics. Teacher learning and professional development in mathematics education.

Elective Courses: Take at least 2 from the following:

MAE 6450 Integrating Literature and Mathematics in the Elementary School MAT 5180 Geometry for Middle School Teachers.

MAT 5190 Number Theory for Middle School Teachers. MAT 5120 Abstract Algebra for Middle School Teachers. MAT 5130 Problem Solving for Middle School Teachers MAE 6050 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Grades. MAE 7400  Seminar in Mathematics Education.

MAE 8400 Technology in Mathematics Learning and Teaching. MAE 8550 Theoretical Perspectives on Learning Mathematics.

Elementary Math Specialist,  Advanced  Certificate

In addition to the Introductory Elementary Math Specialist Certificate: Required Course:

MAE 7400    Seminar in Mathematics Education.


Elective Courses: Take at least 3 from electives above and here:

MAE 7150    Advanced Studies in Teaching Discrete Mathematics. MAE 7200         Advanced Studies in Teaching Statistics and Probability. MAE 7250   Advanced Studies in Teaching Algebra.

MAE 7300 Advanced Studies in Teaching Geometry. IT 8650 Staff Development and School Improvement. IT  7220    Multimedia for Instruction.

IT 7230    Advanced Multimedia for Instruction.

IT 6140    Designing Web Tools for the Classroom. IT 6230   Internet in the Classroom.

CED 6700    The Role of the Teacher in Guidance. EDA 7600 The Structure of American Education.

EDA 7660     Administrative Leadership in School-Community Relations and Public Relations.

EDA 8630     Supervision

Please click here to check out actual flyer!

Loan Forgiveness

Dear Staff Members,

To help improve your student loan situation and overall financial well-being, our local education agency, Wayne RESA, is partnering with an advisory company, ISLoan Solutions, to educate you and provide options, including loan forgiveness and refinancing, that may help lower, or even eliminate, your payment. All employees with student loans are encouraged to find out if this voluntary benefit can help you. Join your colleagues who have reduced monthly payments by 82% (avg), and expect $80,196 in projected tax-free loan forgiveness.

Click this link: https://wayneresa.myisls.com/register and enter registration code WAYNE

If PSLF makes sense, you will be able to:

  • Immediately lower your monthly student loan payment
  • Reduce your student loan obligation
  • Significantly lower your cost to earn additional degrees
  • Receive a personalized 10-year loan forgiveness plan outlining your projected tax-free savings

Some may be able to lower your payment through the program, Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF is not Teacher Loan Forgiveness*). For those who won’t benefit from PSLF, refinancing may work for you. You are under no obligation to use these services or to do anything if you explore the link above.


Administrative Hiring Update


Many people have been wondering and asking questions regarding the progress of the administrative hiring process for the 2017-18 school year. The administrative hiring process is in full effect!  Yesterday, May 16th seven candidates for the Elementary Principal positions rotated through four interview committees made up of staff, parents, and community members from Howard Elementary, Snow Elementary, and Lindbergh Elementary.  Top ranking candidates will proceed to the final round interview with the Superintendent and Executive Director of the feeder track.

Spring usually is the busiest time for all of us on many levels. It is also the time we are blessed with warm weather. Please click on the link below to view Dearborn Public Schools Dress Code Memo.

Dress Code Memo



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