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New Hire Information and Forms- Instructional Staff

Congratulations! If you were directed here, it means that you have an intake meeting scheduled with Human Resources. Prior to your interview, please make sure that your application is completed on Applicant Tracking  and you have gathered together your reference letters and all other required documents.  Take some time to Print and Sign the designated forms, take to your Doctor the required health forms (if possible–not required before your intake meeting), and review the Read Only documents.

You need to bring with you to your interview the following items:

  • Driver’s License (Required of all employees)
  • Social Security Card (Required of all employees)
  • Notarized Teaching Certificate (Required of teachers only)
  • Social Workers, Psychologists, and Nurses need to bring Original License
  • Official Transcripts [in a sealed envelope] (Required of all employees)–If you are unable to bring them to your intake meeting, please be aware that you will be required to request they be sent to HR as soon as possible.

Print and use the check off list to keep track of your documents.
Applicant Check-Off List
(This list is for your own use. You do not need to submit it with your documents.)

Print and Sign

It is preferred that you bring completed documents to your meeting.  However, if returned by scan/email, please send as PDFs to  Please do not scan your documents as one large file. You should scan and email each document as a separate file, all attached to one email.

Public Act 68 Form Public Act 68 Form (Required of all employees)
Tax Withholding Form (State) MI-W4 (rev 8-11) (Required of all employees)
Tax Withholding Form (U.S.) 2021 Federal Form W-4 (Required of all employees)
Release of Information Waiver Release of Information Waiver (Required of all employees)
Consent Form for Background Investigation Consent Form (Required of all employees)
Direct Deposit Form


(You will also need to provide either supporting documentation from your banking institution or a voided check)

Direct Deposit Form (Required of all employees)
Life Insurance Beneficiary Form Designation of Beneficiary.ID (Required of all employees)
U.S. Department of Education Ethnicity Survey U.S. Department of Education Ethnicity Survey (Required of all employees)
Employment Eligibility Form (I9) I9-Expires 10/31/2022 (Fill out page 1 only) (Required of all employees)
Print the Acknowledgement form and sign only after you read the listed online Policies.


Link to online Policies and Procedures

Acknowledgement of Policies (Required of all Employees)
Three letters of Recommendations   (Required of all employees)

 To Be Signed by your Doctor and Returned to HR

(cannot have been done more than 12 months prior to meeting)

Employee Health Record (Physical)      (Required of all employees)
TB Test                                                       (Required of all employees)

Informational Documents (Read Only)

***PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE (You may need to refer to these informational documents in the future.)***

Dearborn Teacher University Handbook


New Professional Staff Letter August 2019

(Instructional Staff Only)
Teacher-Eval-Program (revised Timelines 2013-14) (Teachers Only)
School Safety Legislation Summary (All Employees)
Mandated Reporters’ Resource Guide–DHS Pub 112 (Rev. 2-13) (All Employees)
403b/457b Provider List (July 2017) (All Employees)
2020-21 School Calendar (as of 1/10/20) (All Employees)
SAMPLE Educator Certificate Original (Teachers Only)
School Information (as of 9/30/20) (All Employees)
DFT Health Insurance Welcome Letter


Health Insurance Coverage Exchange Notice -7/31/2014

(All Employees)
FMLA Poster (All Employees)
2020-2021 DFT Benefit Enrollment Guide (All Employees)
Aesop Employee Quickstart Guide


General Information about the MI Office of Retirement Services (ORS)

(All Employees)


(All Employees)

Michigan Department of Education Teacher Certification Information (Teachers Only)
DFT Salary Schedule 2020-21 (All Employees)
2019-20 Open House/Conference Schedule (as of 5/10/19) (All Employees)

Employee Assistance Plan Flier


(All Employees)
District Policies and Procedures (All Employees)


fill out a Highly Qualified Form for each

endorsed area listed on their Teaching


Dearborn Federation of Teachers Contract 2018-23 (All Employees)

New teachers are  encouraged to visit  School Improvement/Leadership Coaching/Dearborn Teacher University to learn more about professional development requirements and opportunities, Dearborn Teacher University, Mentor/Mentee program, etc.

Within a few days after your intake meeting with the Human Resources Director, HR will assign you an employee ID # and you will be able to contact the Media & Information Technology Department to obtain your computer/email access.  Please refer to the this link for more information:  Accessing Email.

If you have any questions, you may contact  David Hardoin (Secretary, Instructional) either by email at or by phone at (313)-827-3069.

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