Salary and Benefit Schedules

Salary and Benefit Schedules 2018-2019

Schools Administrators ADSA Salary Schedule 2018-19 ADSA Benefits- 2018-19
Administrative (Executive Directors-Directors-Director or other classification assigned by superintendent)

Cabinet Salary Schedule-2018-19- Revised 10-15-2018

Cabinet Salary Schedule A – 2018-19


Cabinet Benefits – 2018-19

Cabinet Benefits (Sick, Personal, and Vacation Days) – 2018-19

Administrative Assistants Administrative Assistants Salary Schedule – 2018-19

Admin Assistants Benefits – 2018-19

Admin Assistants Benefits (Sick, Personal, and Vacation Days)- 2018-19

Instructional Staff (DFT) DFT Salary Schedule 2018-19 DFT Benefits 2018-19
Non-Instructional Staff (DFSE) DFSE Salary Schedule 2018-19

DFSE Benefits 2018-19

DFSE Newly Eliglible for Healthcare Benefits Letter

Non-Classified/Non-Instructional NC-NI Salary Schedule-2018-19

NC-NI Benefits 2018-19

NC-NI Benefits  (Sick, Personal, and Vacation Days)- 2018-19

Non-Classified/Non-Instructional Supervisors NC-NI Supervisors Salary Schedule – 2018-19

NC-NI Supervisors -Benefits (Sick, Personal, and Vacation Days) – 2018-19

NC-NI Benefits – 2018-19

NC-NI Salary Schedule-2018-19 (Part-Time)


NC-NI Benefits (Sick, Personal, and Vacation Days) – Part-Time – 2018-19 – Part-Time – 2018-19

Dearborn Schools Operating Engineers Association (DSOEA)

DSOEA-Salary Schedule-2018-19-Updated with MPSERs Change Effective (10/1/2018)

DSOEA-Salary Schedule-2018-19 (7/1/2018-9/30/2018)

 DSOEA-Benefits 2018-19
ChildCare Workers

CHILDCARE Salary Schedule 2018-19


ChildCare Workers Benefits 2018-19


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