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Evaluation Tools for Teachers/Administrators

Administrators’ Evaluation Program 2016-17

Multidimensional Leadership Performance Matrix

Evaluation Committee Meeting Summary (5/31/2017)

Measurable Growth Goal-5% District Performance (4/11/2017)

Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument:

Danielson Domain #1 -Planning and Preparation

Danielson Domain #2 – Classroom Environment & #3 Instruction

Danielson Domain # 4 Professional Responsibilities

Danielson Rubrics for Domain 2&3 

Student Learning Objectives

SLO Clarification

SLO Support Materials on MyPD (Use Enrollment Code 4h9x6e)

SLO Cheat Sheet

Ancillary Positions and SLOs

Teacher Evaluation Timelines 2018-19

SLO (Memo to Staff 5/14/2018)

SLO (April Memo to Staff)

SLO Quality Checklist

Performance Evaluation Resources and Information

Teacher Evaluations:

*Per State Law:  Teachers ranked Highly Effective on their year-end evaluation for three consecutive years are not required to have a formal observation. Per evaluation committee, walkthroughs are required.  Teachers that were not formally observed last year must be formally observed one time this year.

(Three years HE, one year no formal observation, formal evaluation required following the “skipped” year.)

 *Per State Law:  Teachers ranked any combination of Effective and Highly Effective on their year-end evaluation for the last two consecutive years are only required to have one formal observation.

*Per State Law:  Beginning in 2016-17 one formal observation must be unscheduled.  Per evaluation committee, those required to have one formal observation will have an scheduled observation.

*Plan I Teachers are all required a minimum of two formal observations (one of the two unscheduled).

* Regardless of what’s required, administrators may formally observe if needed.

Teacher Evaluation


Here is a link to a video on evaluations in Dearborn posted on Youtube January 2013 by Brian Whiston and Glenn Maleyko

Plan I Templates

Plan II Templates

Plan III Templates

icon Plan III Awareness Phase Identification Of Concern Form

Sample Evaluation Written Documents

Administrator Helpful Templates

Administrator Evaluation


Superintendent Evaluation Tool

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